What’s an “Inchstone”?

A child’s developmental journey is full of opportunities for celebration! We’re all familiar with the big ones—first words, steps, jumps, and runs—but what about the moments in-between? Standing up without help for the first time, crawling in a new way, or making a new soundcelebrating successes in all shapes and sizes is what inchstones are all about. This parenting trend considers any and all accomplishments worthy of celebration! 

How to Celebrate

No need to break out the baking supplies or balloons for every inchstone; a celebration could simply look like a big hug, a smile, and a “I’m proud of you!”. For older kiddos, it’s also a great opportunity for self-reflection! At the end of the day, discuss their inchstone together: how they felt, how hard they tried, the different methods they used, or how they’ll use their new skill. It’s a great time to practice positive self-talk, which can strengthen kids’ mental health and self-esteem. 

Why We Love It

We’re passionate about honoring every child’s unique learning style and strengths, so we love the idea of celebrating all moments of progress. These moments will differ from child to child—and that’s the beauty of it! Some may not look like “progress” at all—giving something your best shot, not giving up or trying something new could all qualify as an inchstone. Each child shines in their own special way, and inchstones celebrate just that! 

These mini celebrations are sure to sprinkle moments of joy and connection into you and your child’s daily routines. They’ll help your kiddo feel seen, understood, and appreciated! Taking a moment to celebrate a win can give your child a boost of confidence and motivate them to keep reaching for their goals. 

Give It A Try!

Has your kiddo reached an inchstone recently? We’d love to congratulate them too—share your little one’s inchstones with us @battateducation. 

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