5 Ways to Play: EggXpress™ Yourself Matching Eggs

Hop on the EggXpress™ for fun-filled play and lots of hands-on learning! On board, you’ll find:

  • 12 sets of matching eggs – they come apart to reveal different shapes and colors!
  • 12 Expression Cards, featuring common facial expressions and emotions
  • 1 Mirror Card to encourage self-reflection
  • 1 playbook with an illustrated story and play ideas

This route is full of educational activities, from social-emotional learning to pattern matching, so check out what you’ll find at each stop:

Stop 1: Free Play

Encourage your child to play with the eggs, bus, and cards as they please! Being in control of playtime can boost little ones’ confidence, nurture their curiosity, and give them a sense of independence.

Stop 2: Shared Reading

The story in the playbook was written for an interactive story time—follow the activity prompts inside, like mimicking the egg’s expressions and matching Expression Cards with the eggs, then think of your own creative story time activities!

Stop 3: Social-Emotional Activities

Social and emotional skills help us better understand ourselves and others around us! Try out these activities:

  • For practice matching facial expressions with emotions or feelings, give an egg to your child and describe how it looks. Then, give them the Mirror Card and ask them to imitate the egg’s facial expression.
  • Ask your child the questions on the Expression Cards—they’re open-ended to facilitate dynamic conversations! For exam

Stop 4: Pattern Matching Activities

Pattern matching requires kids to focus on details, which will help them with math and reading later on! Try out these activities:

  • Take apart the eggs, mix ‘em all up, then ask your child to find matching pieces and put them back together.
  • Give an egg to your child and ask them to find the matching Expression Card.

Stop 5: Egg Hunt!

This egg hunt activity is great for birthday parties, rainy days, family gatherings, or whenever you’re looking for a little fun (with an educational twist!).

  • Hide the EggXpress™ Yourself! eggs around the house.
  • Ask kids to find them (exactly like an easter egg hunt)!
  • When they find an egg, they’ll have to mimic the expression on the egg to get a point. Whomever has the most points at the end wins!

For an extra challenge, separate the eggs when you hide them and ask kids to match them (along with making facial expressions) to get points!

We hope you enjoyed your ride on the EggXpress™. With fun, bright, and colorful pieces, this playset comes with endless learning opportunities—so get creative and try coming up with your own route!

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